"The DRIUE Master's degree is of a notable quality at all levels: exciting courses that allow students to develop a real critical mind (which is not always the case in law) and inspiring teachers because of their way of teaching but also because of their extra-academic activities (advising before the ICJ, in arbitration, etc.). The University of Paris Nanterre has an international reputation and the spirit that reigns there allows it to develop in a pleasant climate with caring people".

Fiona - Class of 2018-2019


"The M2 DRIUE, with a research specialization, must not "scare" future students who would think they are wrongly committing themselves to a purely theoretical training. In fact, by writing an end-of-studies thesis while being trained by a team of academics who are also practitioners, students come out with a diploma, ready to start a doctorate and/or to quickly integrate into the professional world through internships in various fields. The diversity of the courses offered allows students to forge a personal reflection while acquiring practical knowledge that is much sought-after among internationalists".

Mathilde - Class of 2013/2014


"M2 DRIUE graduate students will have access to a wider range of professional orientations than those offered by most Masters in International Relations or International Administration. The diversity of the paths taken by students upon graduation from the M2 bears witness to this multidisciplinarity. On a personal level alone, it allowed me to do an internship in IO, then in the French administration, before joining an international firm.

The emphasis on collective work, the solidarity that reigns among professors and students, as well as the trips made during the year (The Hague, Geneva, Latin America) contribute to uniting a group that will form a solid professional network, in addition to creating bonds of friendship that will survive the academic year".

Thomas - Class of 2013/2014



What is next? 

The AEDIN has at heart to preserve the links between current and former Master students. Among the latter, the diversity of the paths taken marks the multidisciplinarity and the quality of the Masters teaching. 


  • French Embassy in the United States

  • Representation of the Ile de France Region in Brussels

  • Permanent Mission of the Republic of Moldova to the United Nations

  • Permanent Mission of Belgium to the United Nations

  • Algerian Consulate in Paris

  • National Court of Asylum

  • Extraordinary Chambers in the Courts of Cambodia 

  • Court of Appeal of Versailles

  • Energy Charter 

  • OECD

  • UN

  • World Bank

  • Ministries (Europe and Foreign Affairs; Defense; Interior; Armed Forces; Economy and Finance)

  • LL.M. (University of Edinburgh, Cornell Law School, University of Leiden, Institute of International and Development Studies of Geneva, Queen Mary University of London, King's College)

  • Law firms

  • Thesis

  • NGO (France Terre d'Asile, ...)

  • French Office of Immigration and Integration



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